Chairing conferences

Authoratative, firm and knowledgeable, but all handled with a light touch. Peter has worked on a wide range of news and current affairs programmes, including Today, The World at One, PM, and is a regular presenter of You and Yours, a consumer and lifestyle programme which tackles everything from money to health, education to retail, the utilities to hi-tech.  As a regular chair of Call You and Yours, he is used to thinking quickly and coping with issues and questions which come out of the blue.

Peter is also the BBC's disability affairs correspondent, and is particularly well-equipped to cope with issues such as disability access, discrimination, and the full participation of disabled people in society.

Peter is versatile and is well able to tackle most topics. In the past few months alone he has  chaired a robust debate about the consequences of a health authority fluoridating its water supply, a day-long seminar on the problem of bullying, an Any Questions session on social care for a local authority, and a debate on the future of the health service. 

Photo of Peter chairing a conference

Some of the organizations for whom Peter has performed this role include:

So'ton Centre for Independent Living
Fluoridation Public Consultation
Disability Rights Commission
Office of Disability Issues
British Pharmaceutical Conference

Photo of Peter




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