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The keynote address or keynote speech is delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message or most important revelation of the event. If you want to get your conference to start with a bang, Peter White is your man. As one of the best-known voices on Radio 4, with a range which sees him conducting a probing interview with a politician one minute and the next exploring whether tights for men is likely to be the next fashion.

Peter is also the BBC's disability affairs correspondent, and is particularly sought after by organisations representing disabled people, or by public bodies and commercial companies wishing to improve their services for people with disabilities. But Peter's range stretches well beyond disability. Just in the last year or so Peter has kickstarted conferences for the police, high street and commercial banks, tourist authorities and hi-tech companies such as IBM. Peter can be a provocative speaker when the occasion demands, and is not afraid to rattle a few cages, but he also has a light touch, and a joke or an anecdote to illustrate his point is never far away. He is at his happiest when involving his audience, and is always keen to give thought-provoking answers to his audiences' questions.     

Photo of audience

Over the last few years Peter has worked for the following:

Boston Borough Council
Chartered Physiotherapists
Department of Social Services
Manchester Health & Social Services
Employers' Forum
Royal College of Nursing
Office for Public Management
Disability Rights Commission
Ministry of Defence
Hampshire Police Association
London Development Agency
Leonard Cheshire Foundation

Photo of Peter




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