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The right voice

Whether it's a nature park audio description or a listed company's annual report. . .

Peter White's is one of the best-known voices on BBC's Radio 4. His voice has an unusual combination: authorative and well-informed, and also a great deal of warmth, which draws listeners in. Peter has a number of specialities, including audioversions of material such as annual reports and company magazines for multinational enterprises such as BT, and the NatWest Bank; he has also voiced material such as a guided tour of a nature trail, descriptions of art exhibitions, and a tape introducing the public to birdsong. It is a voice which can make dry material sound welcoming, and welcoming material sound even better.

Click on the play button below to hear a snippet of Peter's voice, from Radio 4's 'Blind Man's Beauty'.

photo of Peter

Organizations Peter has provided voice-overs, and A/V services for include:

British Telecom
Manchester Airport
National Recording Centre
Employers' Forum
Department of Education

Photo of Peter




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